My style is characterized by strength, dynamics and impasto paint application.

The power of my pictures is also transferred to the viewer.

Dierk Osterloh

My works are nonrepresentational, abstract or figurative. Here you can see a selection from my artistic work

The brush that was initially used has temporarily given way to the spatula. Today, both tools are used in parallel. The style of painting is geared towards the implementation of the central elements of strength and dynamics. These two thematic complexes stand for our time in which we live. The oil paint is applied pastos and then provided with Schissen. New worlds emerge that fascinate the viewer if he gets involved in this way of seeing.

You can buy my powerful and dynamic oil paintings. The prices are different in each case and start from 4500 euros for smaller formats. We are also happy to talk about an individual leasing offer or an installment purchase. Renting is also possible for a period of at least 3 months. Talk to me or send an email.

Portrait von Dierk Osterloh vor Gemälde Isle of Jura
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