My archaic objects and sculptures appeal to the viewer's senses.

I see the material and know what to do. This creates exciting constructions.

Dierk Osterloh

Archaic objects and sculptures radiating elemental power

In addition to new materials, I like to use found objects and weathered material for my archaic objects and sculptures, as this creates a special aura. On the one hand patina is an important element, on the other hand I also use new materials for construction. Acrylic lends itself to new series of works. I was very satisfied with the Trans 535 prototype. Works made of stainless steel in combination with organic elements are also conceivable.

You can buy my archaic objects and sculptures. The prices are different in each case and start from 5500 euros for small formats.

We are also happy to talk about an individual leasing offer or an installment purchase.
Renting is also possible for a period of at least 3 months. Talk to me or send an email.

Dierk Osterloh - schweissen
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