Art enriches our existence and our thinking.

My goal is to combine business with art. How fruitful this symbiosis can be is shown again and again.
The challenge is to initiate culture in public space and thus make our cities more beautiful and interesting. It’s about conveying a new attitude to life and thereby activating people to rediscover their living space and to participate in society.
The same applies to companies, namely to create a new togetherness.

Dierk Osterloh

When I think of art in public space, I have a desire to touch people, to stimulate them, to give pleasure and to fascinate them. My goal is to combine business with art.

Art enriches our existence, our thinking and at the same time creates a feeling of home in this segment. This often creates a connection between art, design and architecture in public space.

The competition for the design of the coat of arms of the city council of Cologne in 2003 was about finding a modern and exquisite version of the double-headed eagle for the city council. I researched in the city archives and dealt with heraldry. I then came up with my simple and shapely version, which was chosen unanimously.
My experiences with the city coat of arms led me to found the City Image project. I would also be happy to design your logo or coat of arms

Contact me and I will also furnish your company with art.

Dierk Osterloh | schweißen
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