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Coat of arms for the city council of Cologne

The municipal significance of the town hall should be even more clearly recognizable for the citizen in the future. Following the completion of the renovation of the Spanish building, the coat of arms of the city of Cologne will give a clear "indication" of the function of the buildings both in the council chamber and on the façade of the historic town hall to the Alter Markt.

The Cologne artist Dierk Osterloh won the competition for the design of the coat of arms at the end of March 2003

The parliamentary groups in the Cologne Council had long been wishing for the city coat of arms, and in 2000 the FDP asked for it. Lord Mayor Fritz Schramma therefore had the design competition run by artists, craftspeople and specialist companies in January 2003. The content and formal requirements had city conservator Ulrich Krings formulated. He asked the participants of the competition to submit designs for the coat of arms of Cologne both with and without a double eagle. The material was metal. The mayor wants to cover the cost of the coat of arms with the help of donations. The chairman of the culture committee, Chamber of Crafts Chamber President Franz Josef Knieps, made a start. He asked the guests of the celebration for his 60th birthday instead of gifts for donations to finance the Cologne "national emblem". The twelve-member jury, chaired by Mayor Fritz Schramma, had six drafts that had been received by the deadline. The committee had previously decided that the coat of arms of Cologne with the double-headed eagle should hang both on the facade of the historic town hall and in the council chamber. It was also agreed that the same design will be implemented at both sites. The choice of the jury was unanimous on the proposal of Dierk Osterloh.

Office of the Lord Mayor, press release of 11.04.2003.

The coat of arms in the Council Chamber of the Spanish Building

Version stainless steel silver

The coat of arms on the outer facade of the historic town hall

Version stainless steel lacquered