Dierk Osterloh

We hope you enjoy viewing my work, which you can of course purchase if it is still available.

Abstract paintings and objects / sculptures

New works

The Eye object was created from wood that formed a barrel some time ago. V 23 is part of a new non-objective series.

kunstobjekt eye oelbild v23


Oakwood, 2021,
35,43 x 39,37 x 15,75 inches


Oil on acrylic, 2021,
18,9 x 18,9 inches


Projekt „art & music“
The "Art & Music" project is picking up speed despite CORONA. In June 2020 I merged the visual arts and music into a composition of the senses with my long-time friend Thomas Gronau, an expert on the classical (and jazz) scene (GronauCONSULT / culture). In the meantime, the cultural association in Ziegenhain has also been founded as an e.V. and the “Art & Music” project is also getting a tailwind. At the moment we are working on a YouTube feature, where we both want to regularly illuminate art, music and prose / poetry as a studio talk.

Galerie am Bach, Swiss, expected in harvest

Open studio
saturdays 16.00 til 18.00

Project scholarship
Stiftung Rheinland-Pfalz for culture